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Gwledd Conwy Feast - 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Every Year, around Halloween, the small medieval town of Conwy becomes a hub for the hungry and intrigued. Small producers from far and wide, local small businesses, and creatives from across the board all gather to celebrate something we all love.


The Gwledd Conwy Feast (Gwledd being Feast in Welsh) is one of the biggest events in the towns calendar, and it’s one I’ve always loved.

The premise is simple, mounds of food, rivers of drink, and a wonderful atmosphere. That’s why I was thrilled when the organisers extended me an invite this year to attend as a photographer, photographing the goings on for the whole weekend.

So what follows is a sample of the photos I took that weekend, showcasing the produce, events, and atmosphere that the Feast incurs;


(above) These stewards ensure that the event runs smoothly, and without them such an event would be impossible to achieve. Many local people volunteer for the weekend to help with the running of the event, in every way possible. From recycling crews to crowd monitoring and sales teams, without these guys there would be no event.

(below) Local producers such as Mug Run Coffee Roasting, based in Rhyl, North Wales, were out showcasing their produce. I can personally confirm their coffee is fantastic, and well worth the buy!

Mug Run Coffee

Mocha Express

(above) Mocha Express were on call all weekend to supply the coffee, tea, and mulled wine. Perfect for keeping us going all weekend, and especially needed on these cold October mornings.

Jaspels Anglesey Craft Cider

(above) Whilst Mocha Express had the mulled wine under control, Jaspels brought the mulled Cider to make sure everyone had something hot to drink. They also brought their great range of Ciders for all to try.

(below) Preparations early Saturday morning by R&G Thai Curry Paste. These incredible curries were just heating up when we arrived, and the taste was amazing. These guys even make the pastes available to buy, and they were absolutely amazing.

R&G Thai Curry Paste

Continental Cottage Ltd

(above) Continental Cottage were showcasing their amazing range of German Salami, which both smelt and tasted amazing.

Aber Falls Gin

(above & below) One of North Wales most iconic producers, the amazing Aber Falls Distillery were showcasing their range of Gins, as well as booking tours of their famous Distillery.

Gin Selection from Aber Falls

(below) the Wrexham based Booze Brothers strutting their stuff by making us all some top notch cocktails.

Booze Brothers

Red Dragon Chinese Street Food

(above & below) The street chefs of the Red Dragon Street Food creating a wide range of meals for everyone to try, part of the street food section that lined the Conwy Quay all weekend.

Chefs in Action

Somtam Street Food

(above) the Somtam Thai Street Food company providing even more fantastic street food, with noodles, Thai curries, and varying rice dishes on offer. The smells were amazing.

Marina's Italian Cookery

(above) Marina's Italian Cookery showing off their Authentic Italian Delicacies, cooked right here in North Wales,

(below) Another of North Wales Iconic producers, the Wild Horse Brewing Company had their bar set up in one of the music tents for the weekend, selling their fantastic range of beers, ales, and lagers.

Wild Horse Brewing

Maelgwn Male Voice Choir onlookers

(above & below) The Feast weekend does't only show off the best of the local food and drink production, but it also promotes the work done by amazing local talents and artists. The Maelgwn Male Voice Choir was no exception to this, as they showed during their set in one of the music tents. The all male group performed a fantastic set, showing off their raw talent.

Maelgwn Male Voice Choir

(below) onlookers filmed as the choir performed

Heartland Coffee

(above) Heartland Coffee were on the case to keep us going on Sunday, making crowds worth of quality coffee to keep us all warm. Hearltand are another famous local producer, supplying coffee for many independent coffee shops in the area.

Blinc Light Show controls

(above & below) finishing off the weekend with an amazing light show performance from the music and tech group Blinc.

Blinc also completed a bug workshop for kids (below), where kids could create their own bug and then race them digitally, as well as being able to fly them virtually through VR headsets.

The Gweldd Conwy Feast is a brilliant annual event, brining together the best local producers, artists, and performers to showcase their talent. It was a huge joy to photograph, and to just attend and marvel at the huge mountains of food in every direction.

Below I've linked some of the brands mentioned, for you to have a look for yourselves;

Mug Run Coffee: https://www.mug-run.com/

Mocha Express: http://www.mochaexpress.co.uk/

Jaspels Cider: https://jaspels.co.uk/

R&G Curry Paste: https://www.randgcurrypaste.co.uk/

Aber Falls Distillery: https://www.aberfallsdistillery.com/en/

Booze Brothers: https://theboozebrothersbarservice.co.uk/

Somtam Street Food: http://www.somtamstreet.co.uk/index.html

Wild Horse Brewing Company: https://wildhorsebrewing.co.uk/

Heartland Coffee: http://www.heartlandcoffi.co.uk/

Maelgwn Male Voice Choir: http://cormaelgwn.cymru/

The dates for next year are 23rd to the 25th October, and I'll definitely be returning year after year (as if I haven't been going for years already!)

Thank you, and drop me a line if you like any of the photos or want to see more of what I can do!