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Disability Skiing

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In my hometown of Llandudno, North Wales, there is an amazing little charity that helps people access snow-sports who might no be able to otherwise.

People with any form of condition that might otherwise prohibit them from skiing are given the chance to do so by Disability Skiing Wales (DSW), a charity that I’ve worked with a great deal in the past, both as a ski instructor/volunteer, as well as photographing their session on Saturday the 5th October, the last session of 2019 due to upgrades at their home slope.

Below is a sample of the photos I took, these are some of my favourite shots from the session:

From the Top

Above is a photo taken from the top of Llandudno Ski Slope, as an Instructor begins his descent of the slope with a sit ski, a device used by the club to help those wheelchair bound feel the thrill of skiing. This shot shows him preparing for the first turn, planning his line, and making sure everything is safe before he commits to his run.

Below we can see the sit ski side on, as the guide hits the flat in the middle of the slope. This shot shows the excitement felt by the person in the sit ski, as the guide controls the kit down the hill.

Stand Skiers also are able to participate, as this skilled skier above shows off his carving. DSW caters for a huge range of disabilities, including mental as well as physical limitations. Stand Skiers from all age and skill ranges participate, as the Instructors and Guides have training in assisting a wide range of disabilities.

Another sit ski decent, as the guide begins his final turns before stopping at the middle flat. The guide training for sit ski guides is thorough, meaning they're all trained to handle and control the sit ski safely at all times. It takes dedication and a very good skier to use these properly, as its not easy.

Some more technical skiing here, as teaching new skiers is just as important as honing the experienced skiers skills.

Another amazing device used by DSW, the cart ski is similar to a sit ski but offer more stability, and more control by the user. The same as beginner skiers use snow plough (pizza shape, cake slice, etc.) the user can steer the cart ski by pushing each of the control levers, operating the skis. This allows for more independent skiing, giving the user more freedom with ease. This device as a safety line attached, tethered to a guide behind as a precaution.

These few photos are just a sample, view more on my Ski Gallery

You can also see some of the amazing work DSW do here

Watch out for more ski based photos hitting my galleries soon as we head into winter, and if you like what you see get in touch! I love to hear feedback.

Thank you!