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Autumnal Times (and leaves)

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I love this time of year.

Autumn and Winter are such fabulous times, with both having such a wonderful feel about them. I get excited when the leaves turn yellow in September, and I feel almost giddy when the first snowfall of the year dusts the mountain tops.

Although we're not quite into snow yet (we've had a taster though), so the autumnal colours fill the air for now, which makes me more than happy.

So here are 4 photos, taken in my native North Wales, which signify what I love about this time of year.

Forest Walkway

Forests are a wonder in Autumn, with lovely orange and yellow tones filling the scene. This walkway through the forest is the route of the stroll I took with my camera on this cool autumn day. It leads away from the bustle of the busy town of Betws Y Coed and into the forest alongside the Afon Llugwy.


The leaves littering this wall is such a simple scene, yet it signifies so much. The change in the times, the approaching festivities, and the cold times ahead. A orange leaf signifies so much, so why not celebrate it?

Falling Leaves

The floor is dusted with leaves, and the wind adds to the dusting. With every gust more leaves fall, filling the air with autumnal feelings. This photo almost looks like it's come off a film camera, an effect I've been playing with a lot recently. I love the grainy, washed out style of a film photo, which makes it all the better that I can recreate it.

Kick those leaves

Who doesn't enjoy kicking leaves? Throwing all those colours into the air, and watching them fall down just to do it again? It's such a childish thing that we all seem to enjoy so much. Just another quirk of this fabulous time of year.

There's more on the way, just as soon as I can get out there to take them!

If you liked these photos please let me know! I always love to hear peoples thoughts.

Stay tuned for more photos soon!