behind the lens... the shutter, but behind that is me, Huw. 

I’m a photographer, who’s focus is on creating unique and captivating images in the mountains.

I like to use my skills to help people showcase their own skills and passions, such as working to create a set of action images for a freestyle ski company, or working with a local up and coming model to bulk out his portfolio with awesome portraits. 

From getting my first digital camera at age 13 I've been in love with this art form. I now use professional Canon Digital and Pentax 35mm  Film cameras to snap away, all whilst building on my passion and updating my skills to always be improving.

You can usually find me in the mountains, camera in hand, looking out for that next perfect snap. If you have something cool in mind let me know, I'd love the opportunity to work with you!

Enjoy my site, and enjoy your day!